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In 1613 the first who inhabit the island with his crew was a Dutch navigator called Adriaen Block, and with the help of the Indian inhabitants of the small territory, resumed his ship to make its historical navigation. In 1625, the first Dutch settlers were the first to live in Manhattan!

Peter Minuit, Dutch West India Company director, bought the island of Manhattan from the Algonquin Indians that lived in that time: he’ll pay in trinkets, beads and colored pieces of cloth that is the equivalent of 60 guilders at the time. Finally  the first European enter the port of New York,  in 1524, Giovanni da Verrazzano, who sailed on behalf of the French.

Why the name New York? The British came by sea in August 1664 by Richard Nicolls, on behalf of James Stuart, Duke of York, trying to keep him on the island of Manhattan with only 450 soldiers and baptizing so the city with the name of his patron, but in 1673 the Dutch were able to regain the colony, calling it New Orange for a year. Returned to Britain in 1674, the entire territory with 2000 inhabitants named the most exciting and powerful noble of New York.

Why is July 4, 1776 a date so important?

Because the U.S. Congress proclaimed the Declaration of Independence. George Washington, who led the troops and fought against the British to leave New York, withdrew from Manhattan and leave his officers in 1789. He swear and became the first President of the United States and the city was the capital of the State and the American federation for a year.


Roosevelt Island

No …, no mountains in New York.

But in winter the snow is so much. So one afternoon … why don’t pretend to be at high altitude and take the cable car…?! Instead of take it to go up, the cable simply connect the island of Manhattan to another island less famous and much less beautiful, and perhaps because of it, so curious….

For example, a whole day to Roosevelt Island! A very special day: it takes 5 minutes to find the other side of the world and enjoy an extraordinary view of the East River, snow or not.

The cable car was a temporary measure thirty years ago to facilitate the movement of a few thousand residents. Today tourists and New Yorkers have turned it into an attraction. Even Hollywood noticed it. In the first Spiderman, he runs to save a group of children who Goblin left in the air. Guys, this is pure entertainment …! Flanking the metal body of the giant Roosevelt Island Bridge, we see the Palais des Nations and the factories of Queens.

And then ….? In addition to the usual Starbucks, the original pizza, and the curious china-japanese, the pub, the welcome of Roosevelt Island is complete with a walk in a valuable location soon. Glad you got a good suggestion.

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